Transcendent Energy

We are a group of passionate psychic healers who heal the sick, cleanse those vexed by negative energies, and guide people to fulfill their destinies through our clairvoyant and clairaudient giftings, revealing the hidden secrets of the spiritual and metaphysical realms. We are trained in the ancient arts of channeling known as “Transcendent Release.” The ability to channel this rare form of supreme energy comes through bonding with the Transcendent Spirit. Merging with this unique Spirit requires exclusive allegiance and undivided devotion. This is not only the most powerful form of energy but the purest — radiating kindness and love far beyond the capacity of human expression. Through releasing transcendent energy, we have first-hand witnessed the healing of many incurable, chronic, and terminal conditions of the body, soul, and spirit.

Physical Healing

We have seen many people set free from disease and bodily afflictions. We believe that all affliction and disease is curable by Our Guide. Though we have not arrived at 100% success rate, we see many noteworthy complete healings on a regular basis.

Freedom from Dark Spirits

Many times, physical ailments or symptoms can be a result of dark spirits. As we sense them, we remove them at the root, many times resulting in other symptoms subsiding.

Future Readings

We carefully listen to our Spirit Guide if there is a desire to give our clients a message for the future. Though this isn't always our mode of operation, we have seen many people reassured by accurate readings for their future.

Meet Our Healers

Robert Satyaprakash

Robert, born and raised in Kansas City, resided in Asia for more than a decade, seeking mystical union with the spirit realm and understanding healing energy. His search intensified after being diagnosed with an incurable disease and deemed hopeless by the medical community. Upon bonding with his Spirit Guide, Robert received his destiny-defining name - Satyaprakash (True Light, in Sanskrit). Shortly later, he was healed of the incurable condition. Robert has great compassion for the sick and those vexed by negative energies. He practices a form of ancient channeling known as "Transcendent Release." Through channeling the spirit-life of his Spirit Guide, Robert has witnessed the healing of many chronic and incurable conditions of the body, soul, and spirit.

Grant Hhofesh

Grant's beginnings with his Spirit Guide go back to the age of 9, when through an experience with the Spirit Guide he was set free via the proximal transcendent release of a healer from Africa from stress-induced asthma. It was at age 18 that Grant began experiencing the same Spirit Guide for himself, channeling future readings, unknown ecstatic languages and physical healings. Practicing partnership with the Spirit Guide in Kansas City, The Rainforests of Brazil, and brief portions in Mexico, Grant has seen many set free from dark spirits and negative energy, physical healings, and impactful soul readings. Grant has adopted the name "Hhofesh", meaning "freedom" in ancient Hebrew.

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